Best green used cars  to buy


Based on fuel efficiency


Toyota  Prius

The Prius is best known for its efficiency in gas mileage. It has  the ability to deliver better fuel economy than most other vehicles on the road.  Estimated: 54 city mpg and                           133 highway mpg 


Honda  Civic

This small sized sedan is  known for its high fuel economy, excellent passenger space and  a refined design.  Estimated: 31 city mpg and                           40 highway mpg


Volkswagen  Jetta

The Jetta has easy-to-use controls, great fuel economy, and a relatively spacious cabin. Estimated: 29 city mpg                          43 highway mpg


Ford  Escape

The Ford Escape is a well-rounded SUV that prioritizes practicality over performance. They have a spacious cabin and are  family-friendly.  Estimated: 28 city mpg and                           34 highway mpg


Chevrolet  Tahoe

If you're looking for a vehicle with extra space, capacity and strength while maintaining good fuel economy, the Tahoe is a great option.   Estimated: 21 city mpg                          28 highway mpg

Shopping used cars

If you are in the market for a  car for your teen then you are most likely looking for safe  and affordable options. When shopping used cars there is a very large variety of options, so today we are going to walk through some of the best used car models to get for your teen or first-time driver.