First-Time Buyers

A Comprehensive Guide For


Establish  a budget 

This figure is generally based on what you can afford per month. Look at your cost of living in all areas, like housing, food, etc.  The remaining amount could be spent on a car payment. 


Establish your driving needs 

Think about the size and style of car you may need. If you have a big family with kids, you might want to consider a minivan. If you haul a lot of stuff in your vehicle, consider an SUV or truck.


Do your research  

With so many options out there it can be hard to narrow them down. Take the time to research online  or go to the dealership to see it  in person. A car is a big purchase, ask questions, research, and look around to find what's right for you.


Locate a convenient dealer 

Pittsburgh Used Cars Is Here For You! Serving the Greater Pittsburgh area, you can view our online inventories, or come see us in person for a test drive and to speak with our talented sales team. 


Secure financing   

Some steps to consider when financing include; getting  pre-approved for a loan, understanding interest rates, negotiating loan terms, reading the fine print, and finalizing your loan agreement. 


enjoy the process 

We know the car buying process can seem like an ordeal, but here at Pittsburgh Used Cars, we aim to make it easier. Take your time in the process, and you’ll be delighted with the outcome of your new car.