A used Car In Spring

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Shopping used cars

Spring seems like the perfect  time for buying a used vehicle — which is why so many people go  car shopping when the weather  turns warm. People don’t typically buy vehicles during the winter because of  weather conditions. This shifts  supply and demand. When spring comes, everyone hits the market  to buy. Here are some tips to stay safe while buying a used car.


Beware of Extra Costs 

Look out for dealers who charge upfront fees or include exorbitant administrative costs in the bill  of sale.


Look for certification

Make sure full e-testing and certification is done.


Look for a warranty

Make sure the dealer offers a guarantee and warranty of  some kind.


Check the  Car's Mileage

There is no hard-and-fast rule for how many miles is too little or too much. In general though, a used car with low mileage is usually a good decision, even when mileage seems unusually low.


Ask about the car's history

Check a car’s history report to review past ownership, any accidents, liens, etc.

Shopping used cars

At Pittsburgh Used Cars, we are here to make sure you get the best used car for your needs! We will work with you during your search to ensure you are confident in your purchase!

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