An Educated  car shopper 

How to become


New car prices are higher than ever, now averaging a whopping $37,000. That’s enough to scare quite a few people outright into buying a used car. The vast majority of new car purchases are financed, which is another reason why people who understand the effects of depreciation or more likely to  opt for buying a used car. 

Buying used  is smart


Work with  a reputable dealership

Find a used car dealership that takes the right approach, one that focuses on newer used cars with lower mileage and in great condition, that offers a warranty on every car, and that has a  money-back guarantee.


Take a good look at your financial situation and decide what you can realistically afford. Few things are worse than buying a fantastic car and soon afterward realizing you can’t afford it. To get this right, you need to account not only for the monthly car payment if you finance your purchase, but also insurance, service/repairs, and fuel. 

Create a budget


Avoid Common mistakes

Some common mistakes are not knowing what you can afford,  not having any idea what kind of car you want/need, not test-driving a car to see if it’s the right choice, failing to check a vehicle history report, and not having a mechanic inspect a car before buying it. 


Window shopping for used cars online to get an idea of prices, what's available, and what you want/need in a car is a great start. However, when it comes down to the actual purchase, make sure to see the car in person and take it for a test drive. 

Buying Used Cars Online?