your used car

how to customize 


Get a New Paint Job

You may love everything about your new, used car, but you just wish it was a different color. Changing the paint is one of the easiest things you can do to customize your used car. You can choose a simple color change, or you can explore some fun options. 


Change the Stereo System

A weak system can make your  ride boring or irritating. Consider upgrading the system to include more pre-set channels, surround sound, auxiliary inputs to hook up your smart phone, and bluetooth to make calls or texts. Stereo systems can be quite advanced, including touch-screen controls. 


Window Tinting

One quick way to change the  way your vehicle looks is by tinting the windows. It may not seem like a big thing, but a lot of people enjoy tinting their windows or coloring their windows. Some people like tinted windows to block out the bright rays of the sun, while others enjoy the stylistic look it gives the vehicle while driving around. 


Recover the Interior

You don’t have to stick to boring grey fabric seats. You can upgrade to leather or other fabrics.  You can choose wild colors like red and yellow, or you can go with something more refined and sophisticated like black or grey. The seat coverings can change the whole look of your car. 


Upgrade  The Tires

There are many ways to upgrade your tires such as installing custom rims or swapping them out for new tires entirely. Some of the custom tire options include racing or sport tires, tires designed specifically for off-roading, and some tires with custom lettering.