In The Snow

Best Safety Features  For Driving 

Shopping used cars

Modern vehicles offer a range of safety and driver-assist features that will make traveling in the snowless stressful!  Keep reading to learn a few of the best safety features to look for in your used car!

Automatic High Beams

Automatic high beams use sensors to detect the lights of nearby vehicles to switch them off and on for you depending on traffic. This is a great feature that helps protect you and other drivers on the road when visibility is low. 

Anti -lock brakes

Anti-lock brakes and stability control can help if your car begins to slip. This feature can tell when a car begins to slip and applies breaks to the wheels that will help bring the slide under control.

Head-up display

Head-up display projects speed and other important information on the vehicle's windshield. This allows the driver to spend more time looking at the road to avoid an accident.

Heated mirrors 

Heated mirrors allows ice and snow to melt off of your windows quickly allowing you better visibility faster!

Rain-sensing wipers

Rain-sensing wipers automatically engage when they detect moisture on the windshield. This helps you focus on the road, while improving visibility.



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