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What to look for during a  test drive

Shopping used cars

When test driving a car there  are a few things to consider.  Take your time to evaluate the inside and outside of the vehicle.  This is one of the most important steps in the car buying process as it will give you a better idea of whether the vehicle you are interested in is a good fit!

Check For  Balding Tires

Before getting into a car for your test drive check the tires to make sure they are in good condition.  If the tires appear to be balding that may mean an extra expense after purchasing the vehicle. 

Make Sure Doors Open Smoothly

Check to make sure that all doors open smoothly. This can be another sign of future damage that may cost money down the road. Also check that the trunk and hood open smooth as well.

Look Under  Floor Mats

Looking under the floor mats in a car can help confirm that there is no water or rust damage on the floor of the car.

Try Driving At A Low & High Speed

Driving a car at different speeds during a test drive is important in order to make sure you know the car can handle driving on both and has a smooth pickup.

Listen For  Odd Sounds

When driving make sure to listen to the engine for a tic that could indicate an issue. Also, make sure to listen for odd sounds when switching gears. 

Make Sure The Brakes Work Smooth

When breaking consider if  the pedal works smooth or is  there is a spongy feel when pushing down. Also, check for any resistance when using the emergency brake.



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