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The best time

When is

Shopping used cars

Are you interested in buying a used car this year?  You may be wondering when the best time to buy a used car is.  Ultimately, it is best to buy a new car before you need it, so you have time to research.  However, here are a few times of years to keep an eye out for when buying a used car.

Certain Annual Holidays

Annual holidays such as Black Friday, Labor Day and Memorial Day are all popular holidays  to find local specials and deals  on vehicles. These types of deals are not guaranteed, but it does not hurt to keep an eye out!

When CPO deals  are running

Certified Pre-Owned vehicles  are a great option when buying  a used car. Be on the look out for specials related to these types  of used cars to guarantee a  good purchase!

On a good  weather day

Looking to buy a used car on a bright sunny day is a great option. This can help you see what types of dents, or imperfections there may be on the cars exterior before purchasing.

During the Vehicle's Of season

Different cars are more popular in different seasons. For example, a convertible is most often bought in the summer. If the vehicle you are interested sells most commonly in one season, you may be able to find a better deal or wider selection available during off-season. 

When you  are prepared!

The best time to buy a car  is ultimately when you  are prepared! Before purchasing a car it is important to make sure that you have done your  research and feel confident in your decision. One way to do this is by visiting the dealers website ahead of time to understand what options you have!

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